Our wines are the outcome of years of work: we offer them only when they are in harmony with L’Agona spirit.

The love for wine is paired with the courage to change, risk and invest in the research for an excellent product, whose deep flavour can not be forgotten. It is the secret word that every wine seeks to tell and every sip seeks to track down. Our wines are going to tell you something about our existence and the passion to which we have consecrated it.

It is about the duty and the effort required. Every bottle is a viaticum, every sip engraves the routine and opens to the emotion that only love can reach.

To love wine and the land of which it is fruit, is also to be able to wait, respecting its times: it is to act responsibly, opting for the path of the quality instead of simple carelessness. One year after another, we are working in order to smooth the rough edges off our wines. We foremost are looking for the best material to use: from the barrique to the bottle, everything is meant to let our wines flourish in their thickness.

The history of our wines has been continuining since 2012, with the exception of 2014, unfavorable vintage, when we prefered don’t make wine. Presented in the 2019, Il Presuntuoso 2015, L’Iroso 2016, Eternamente 2018 and Millesimata 2012.