Among the panoramic and enchanting views of the Pisan hills, in the ancient hamlet of Terricciola, a typical Tuscan country village, rich in history and traditions, in a land that expresses an unrivalled oenological vocation, the winery L’Agona can be found.

From a greatly sought-after project of the Puccinelli family, its current owners, this dream based on love and respect for nature and the land came true.

Its aim is to exalt a whole world to be enjoyed where every detail has always been a synonym of history, culture, art and a top quality wines.

This means that our product range was initially limited to just two wines, now three, which change sip after sip, year after year, based on what the land has to offer during the vintage.


On our estate in Terricciola, we cultivate with devotion 2.5 hectares of Sangiovese and 0.5 hectares of Merlot. Our vineyards, born in 2003, are distinguished by the high plant density, equal to 9000 vines per hectare, similar to that of the grand Cru of Burgundy and Bordeaux.

This characteristic leads to a high level of competition between the plants, which gives a qualitative improvement of the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes. Our vines are trained as spurred cordon and carefully pruned to favor an adequate and sinuous branching, essential for the longevity of the plant.

Every day we are engaged between the vineyard, in which we had strongly reduced the mechanization and where we work mainly by hand. Being always present allows us to carefully control the health of the plants and to intervene only if strictly necessary.

We harvest exclusively by hand, carefully selecting only the best bunches that we collect in 17 kg crates, in order to don’t break the berries. Once harvested, the grapes quickly reach our cellar where we personally and independently perform all the production operations, from crushing to bottling.