Love for our land

L’Agona is an opportunity: it is a company embodied in the people who, working in it, are regaining possession of their own existence. It is an exhibit of daily care that is offered to the land that, never ungrateful, nurtures the spirit of the people who dedicate themselves to it. L’Agona is passion for wine, it is the belief that production must be followed carefully, step by step, from the grape plantation to the labeling that baptizes every bottle. Each bottle is unique, dedicated to those who drink it.

L’Agona is an eco-friendly company, with a deep respect for its ecosystem. Year after year, L’Agona wines are produced without straining the plants, in the belief that the land deserves at least the work of the hands, in exchange for his gifts: the use of machinery is designed to support and hone human work, not to replace it.

L’Agona means highest quality: it is a way of being, even before working. To offer you thick wines, we put at your service our indefatigable work, that begins with a focused inquiry on prime matter: the quality of our plants is supported by the delicate care we dedicate to them. From the harvest to the destemming, to the bottling and labeling, our hands and our hearts work to reach our common goal to offer you unique products.